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Sunday, August 15

Woke up in a Grumpy mood - for no reason!

Love the art of Mary Englebright!
Watch out for me today!

These words always get my attention.
I don't want to be a terrible warning!!

Taped to my closet door in the hall outside my Sewing Room.
I better go have a cup of tea and a piece of chocolate!

Page from last years calendar by Mary Englebright.

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2010 Jeannie Baumeister


Sewconsult said...

Love it. I am a Mary E fan from way-back.

Sewbusymor said...

Hard to believe you grumpy...but I know the feeling too. Attending Mass helped me today. Love when we celebrate our Lord's mother Mary. Sermon was thought provoking...we are all on the we know where we are going??

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

You grumpy? I don't believe it. But then maybe your grumpy is like my normal. Cute drawing, I've never looked at Mary E stuff, maybe I will now.

Eileen said...

I felt very grumpy also but went to Mass and it was our annual polka Mass. You could not be grumpy after all that festive music. Our parish is one in the area that has masses in other languages, ours being Polish. The polka mass has liturgical music in a polka style and the band is wonderful. It probably sounds strange but it is very fun and uplifting.

Jeannie B. said...

God's word is certainly mood changing!!

Julia said...

I can identify with that feeling!

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