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Friday, October 29

Beautiful Smocking!

Brenda at It's Sew Heavenly loves to smock and embroider.
  I don't think she is as fond of finishing things.  I am basing this thought  on the numerous project she showed me that just need to be put together!!

Brenda told me the design is from Australian Smocking magazine but with her own personal touches.
I love the colors in this dress.  And of course, I love the Roses!  The fabric is Geiger Swiss Batiste.  A little bit like Fairy Fabric.

The sleeves are so sweet.  And all the smocking is done!!    Lucky for her that her daughter Lacie is good at putting things together!

I took the photos when I was teaching for her.

How many of you have ever smocked or embroidered garments that just need putting together?? you ever plan to finish them?

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Elisabeth Rose said...

That smocking is gorgeous!! I definitely have many PHDs (projects half-done): not just garments, but quilts, curtains and other sewing, too!

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

When I smock, I finish the dresses... usually. But boy, do I have a lot of other UFO's! In fact, I think I'll work on one now.

Martha said...

No, I finish every project before I move onto the next one. I always get everything I PLAN to make finished as well. Long before they are needed.

If you believe any of this, I have a bridge I can give you a quote for.

Sewconsult said...

Her work is stunning. Makes me want to dig out my bishop pattern and get to work. Maybe soon.

Cat said...

THAT is beautiful!! I have a dress that needs to be finished right now. I embroidered the bodice over a year ago. I finally put half together a few months ago--and need to finish it :) I've thought about assembling--then smocking--as an alternative, but I've never done that before.

Jeannie B. said...

I am loving hearing about your projects ...and... Martha, I have always wanted a cute Bridge!!

Anonymous said...

Do unfinished knitting projects count? I think these kind of people are PROCESS people, as opposed to PROJECT people. It's the process of creating that gives us the most pleasure, not actually having a finished item (although that's nice, too!). Your sister...the queen of unfinished (knitting and renovation) projects! Kathy

Jeannie B. said...

I like the term Process vs Project. It's like enjoying the journey instead of just the arrival. Of course, it is always nice to arrive at your destination. Unless... you are just along for the ride!!

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