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Wednesday, October 13

Blue Daygown needs Buttonholes!

This Daygown was completely finished except for the Buttonholes and Buttons.

After I returned from SAGA, a friend asked me what I was sewing now that I was home.  I was not sewing anything!  I was unearthing my sewing room from the  clutter that a mad dash to leave town  creates.
 But the question got me going.

This Daygown was a class project that I had sewn in sequences to show my students how to stitch techniques used on the gown.  How it ended up without Buttonholes, I don't even know!

I NEVER do the Buttonholes last and there is a reason for that. Once the neck edge is finish with entredeux or bias binding, the fabric no longer feeds as well as it does before the neck is finished.  The unfinished neck has a quarter inch more fabric to fit under the presserfoot and no lumps!

But.... another Happy Ending!! 
 Buttonholes went in fine.  And now I have another cute little daygown in a soft, soft lawn.  And isn't the color pretty?

I love  my Sweet and  Simple Daygown Collection pattern.
There is an old fashioned underarm pleat on this daygown.

We added entredeux at the shoulder in my class.  I love entredeux too.

The lace design at the yoke is not in the pattern but I will have it up as a kit soon.  The kit will include the instructions.

I Love Happy Endings!

Sister Visit!

Me on the left, sister on the right.
We continue to have a great time!!

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Sherry Richardson said...

Love the entredeux at the shoulder seam!!!

Martha said...

Love this little gown. So pretty.

WendyBee said...

I love your blog sooooo much!
I contacted my local SAGA a couple of weeks ago...mind you when I say local, I'm talking 2 states away. It is about an hour and a half drive each way. On a weekday evening. Sigh.....I guess maybe not this year.
In the meantime, I will continue to drool and sigh over your gorgeous pictures of your mouth-watering projects. I am soooo glad there are people in the world like you who not only create such lovely things, but are willing to share the way you do. You are a bright spot in my day, for sure.

Linda said...

That is a very sweet gown!

RebeccaM said...

Will you let us know when the kit is available?

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