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Friday, October 22

Button Necklace

This was taken in the "Museum" at Grandmothers Buttons in St. Francisville.

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What a wonderful idea!  For children to make button necklaces.  Not sure how they did them, though.
Any ideas?? 
Someone used my buttons to make this necklace.
They crocheted it.

It's very pretty but I don't know how she did it!

Strider says Hi!!
(He misses my sister)

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Anonymous said...

I love that necklace!

Give Strider a pat on the head for me.

Cassie said...

My mom has a button string that an elderly neighbor gave to my grandma when she was a little girl in about 1908 or so. I don't know if it was already old then or made especially for Grandma. The buttons are strung through their holes on heavy linen thread that is tied in a knot to make a necklace-like ring. (I'm *really* hoping it will be mine someday.)

Jan M said...

Strider is so cute! I know both of you miss your sister.
The button necklace is beautiful! Some friends might tell you that I once wore a strand of your tiny little mother-of-pearl buttons as a "necklace" for a few brief moments at a SAGA Banquet! Nothing prettier than mop buttons, regardless of how they are used or worn!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that all the buttons are threaded onto your yarn and then when you get to that row where you need them, you switch to that yarn and crochet chains of whatever size you want to have and then push up one botton where you want it; then crochet more chain and push up another button, etc. You could either attach those chains to your previous necklace base with a slip stich as you go, or sew them on after your button/chain row is done. I'm just guessing here, but that's how I would attempt to do it. I know what I mean here, but probably not as good at describing it as you would be :)

Jan said...

Jeannie she would have strung all the buttons on the thread before she crocheted it. Then as you need one, you just pull it up and there you go, a button added to your crochet.

Jeannie B. said...

Thank you for all your comments. I think my Grandchildren would really enjoy making a Button Necklace!! Or a bracelet might be more the style for today. They seem to be making bracelets out of everything.

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