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Tuesday, October 5

A Pretty Surprise and Eyelets

I had breakfast this morning on a pretty eyelet placemat graced with Fairy Roses in a pretty new Vase .

I returned from teaching in Norfolk to a surprise  waiting for me.

It was the beautiful vase. 
 A kind blog friend has sent me a pretty Tooth Pick holder to use with my Tea Parties.  I thought it was perfect as a Flower holder too.

I know she won't mind if I  use it as a lovely vase for my little Fairy Roses!
Thank you Pat!  I love it!!

It is such fine Linen.  And fine workmanship.
This is a close up of the Eyelet Placemat in the first picture.
click on pictures for a closer look 
Notice  I have turned up the Linen to show  the wrong side on the right of this photo.  
I want to show you how the thread has been carried from the embroidered Dot to Dot.  You can apply this to other embroidery stitches too.  After stitching each Dot, the thread has been carried down to the closest point of the scalloped edge and a stitch taken through the thread only of the scallop.  This was done because  there was too great a distance between the dots to carry the thread.  They could have tied it off of course, but no reason to (unless you are being judged in a competition!).

Friends are the sweetest flowers
we will find
along Life's busy pathway.
joan walsh anglund

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Jan M said...

Such a beautiful way to begin your morning! Thank you for adding beauty to our days, too!

DawnB said...

Very pretty setting. I love crystal and the vase looks big enough to be an old fashion cigarette holder rather than toothpicks.

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