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Thursday, November 4

Be Happy!

I love Embroidered Roses!
They make me happy!

I found this quote on another blog and I found it so simple but so profound that I had to share it.
" Comparison
is the death of 
Author unknown 

Sewing moral of this story: 

Never compare the dress you made
 to the dress your friend made.

do you know what I mean? 


Piper said...

I love this quote and I really need to remember it when I am not quite satisfied with my sewing. Thanks for bringing it up.

Julia said...

I love that quote, because when I see your beautiful things, I feel so inadequate! Your roses made me smile! So pretty!

Jeannie B. said...

Oh Julia, My goal is to inspire and encourage but never to intimidate!! Most of the items you see are easily within your reach with only a bit of practice. If that's what you want. If not, just enjoy!

Robin Hart said...

What a great quote! I might need to find a space on the walls of my sewing room to put that one. It is one we need to look at and remember.

Goosegirl said...

Oh Jeannie, thank you for this quote. I love it. I tend to compare myself unfavorably all the time. And I make myself crazy. Thank you for the great reminder.

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