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Saturday, November 27

Fun With My Grandchildren!

I forgot to take pictures of the Pillowcases before they took them home!
My out of town Grandchildren came for a visit.
I made them little Travel Pillow cases in Christmas fabrics.
More on that later...

The girls had a Tea Party.  We used pretty  pink and blue Homer Laughlin  dishes.  And each child had their own little Teapot.  I told them the name of my big Teapot was Priscilla so they each named their own.  We had a Sally pot, Gordon pot and an Annabelle Teapot.

Also. taking a cue from a blog I visited, we all spoke "British English", which was fun!

And these little chocolate teddy bears were a gift from a friend in Australia.  If you look closely at these Tiny Teddies, you will see there are many different expressions on their face.  They are called...Happy...Grumpy....Sleepy.....Cheeky

There were heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches and
 flowers from my garden.

We all had a real good time!

Holding hands we are a circle.
Holding love.. we are a family.
Joan Walsh Anglund

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Robin Hart said...

Oh Jeannie that looks like too much fun! Grandchildren are wonderful. Love the heart shaped grilled cheese... will try to file that away.

Tracy said...

What fun! Emily's little girls are the spitting image of her!!

Val said...

Oh what precious memories! Everything looked so nice.

Moments of Grace said...


As one who hosts adult tea parties, I must say that this one for the children is delightful. I love the fact that they each had their own little teapot and that they all had names. While I don't have any granddaughters myself, I do know several little girls who would love a tea party of their own. Thanks for sharing.

I do so enjoy your blog. I have purchased several of your patterns and also have your book, all of which have me learn to sew baby's clothing that looks stunning. Thank you so much for providing the means for myself and others to create wonderful things for the children we love.

In Grace,

Cat said...

I love it--tea parties are so much fun!

Goosegirl said...

Your tea party looks very inviting. I love those Homer Laughlin plates, so pretty. And we speak "British English" when we have tea parties too. Hilarious!!

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