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Wednesday, December 15

Fabric Series - Pima Cotton Broadcloth

The fabric I purchased in New York arrived just two days after I did!!
My New York Trip was Fun!
And you only saw part of it.  Everyone should see New York City!  

But it's you want to see what I bought??
Well, Fabric.... of course!

I had some Pima Broadcloth but it wasn't until I saw this color of Ballet Pink that I knew I had to have the pink.  I will try to tell you some information about Cotton Broadcloth.
Pima Cotton Broadcloth, medium weight,  in Light Ballet Pink, White and Blue
Broadcloth is a closely woven fabric that is soft, lustrous, washes and wears well.
The Pima Cotton has a longer fiber  which makes it even softer.  Any time the fabric is made from Pima or Egyptian Cotton you know that it will be very soft.  Broadcloth is typically Medium to Heavy weight. The Pima Cotton shown here is Medium weight.

Blue Pima Broadcloth matches Anchor Floss 120 very well.  I love this blue!
Pima Broadcloth can be used to make all sorts of children's clothes.  From Rompers, Bubbles, Button on Suits to Dresses and Smocked Dresses.  Good choice when you want a garment with more body and weight than Batiste. Perfect for Picture Smocking.  I like it for winter dresses.

Ballet Pink Pima Broadcloth matches Anchor Floss 1020.  It has a slight peachy tint to it.  This color is lovely!
Pima Broadcloth also makes yummy PJ's and Pillow cases or Baby Sheets.

This fabric wears very well and is a medium weight which means you can't see through it but it has a pretty drape to it.

Thats it for today.
Have a nice day and stay warm!!

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