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Sunday, December 26

My Daughter.

My Christmas present.  From my Daughter.
I love pretty embroidered pillowcases on my bed!

My Daughter has three children and a job and a husband and is very busy. 
 And I didn't know she even embroidered!
And she made these for me.

I know the gift of time because I sew.  And it touched my heart like no other gift could have.
I was completely surprised!  I am still overwhelmed.

Today , they will go on my bed!

I should have known she had such a gift.  She stitched this sampler when she was just a little girl.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how wonderful! I can understand you're being overwhelmed. The gift of her time to make something she knew you would love....that's the real gift, isn't it? Lovely.

Jan M said...

You will sleep soundly and dream sweet things on those pillowcases! Such a precious gift of her time and talent.

Anonymous said...

Overwhelmed wouldn't even begin to convey my feelings if I had received such a gift!

Martha said...

What a delightful surprise! She knew the perfect gift for her mom. That in and of itself is wonderful. I know you will treasure those every time you see them. Merry Christmas.

Dorothy said...

These are so lovely. Nothing nicer than crip white pillowcases with a little embroidery. I love them.

Val said...

Oh I would not know what to do if I received a gift like this from one of my daughters! Wow. I have got to get back to my little daygown. I was trying to practice my embroidery and then Christmas came. I am anxious to finish it though. I am your worst student ever!!!

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