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Thursday, January 13

Birmingham Market!

The Old Fashioned Baby booth!

We went to the Birmingham Creative Needlework Market.  We were excited to be there after missing the fall market. The date of the fall market was just too close to SAGA where I was teaching.  

Our booth neighbor was The Handmade Dress.  We all eyed Samantha's comfy chair with envy!! 
  Her booth is always cute!

I had a hard time deciding if I should go...because of the weather forecast.

Elizabeth from the 1772 Lace Company is holding up a beautiful Gown made from her English Netting laces.  She didn't even need to decorate her booth.  The laces do the job for her!

There were many Shop Owners there on Sunday morning, shopping to beat the weather.  The icy forecast kept changing and the bad weather came sooner than expected.

Alot... alot of cute fabric displayed.  This is just one booth.  

We decided (as did almost everyone else) that we needed to leave by 3pm on Sunday  so we wouldn't get stuck in the storm.  So I only walked around and didn't really take the time to stop and look at things.

My poor little car doesn't like snow or ice!!!
We left Birmingham at 2:30 and within 20 minutes saw the first car that went off the road.  We must have hit the bad roads at the beginning of the storm.  In all, we saw a total of 17 accidents before we made it the short distance to Tuscaloosa.  Most of them involved multiple cars.  No emergency vehicles had arrived at any of them.  It was very scary!!!

Luckily, my Father In Law lives in Tuscaloosa.  So we stayed with him for two nights until they re-opened the roads and we could continue on to Baton Rouge! 

 So I had a very nice and unexpected visit!

And so happy to be home!!

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Sara said...

Oh my!! Lauire and I almost came to the market and after the forecast and the weather we both got, we were so glad we had not set out on the roads in it!!!
Glad you got back home safely!!
We met Elizabeth at the fall market and her laces are wonderful!! Also got to meet Samantha as well!
Wish you had been there, would loved to have seen you!!
Maybe next September!!

Michie' Mooney said...

Glad to hear that you had a good time and made it home! Your booth looks great.

Jan said...

Out here in Idaho, there are no markets to attend, so I envy you getting to go. That was a scary trip home. I'm happy you played it safe.

Laurie said...

Gosh, if Sara and I would have known you were gonna be there, we *might* have ventured out, regardless of the weather! Thanks for sharing pics!

Robin Hart said...

Next time you need to go to a market in snow, call me... as long as we have 4 wheel drive, I will get you home safe. I have had a little practice. I would even work your booth so you could walk around. Glad you got home safe!

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