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Saturday, January 8


Lt. Theodore Eugene Downs
Born -January 8, 1925 - Died -March 30, 1986
Back Row: Counting from the left, he is the forth man, wearing the Bomber Jacket

This year for Christmas I gave  a copy of this framed picture to my two Grandsons.  There was a mat around the picture on which I had written the following information.

Lt. Theodore E. Downs
Plane:B24 Liberator, named the "Gallant Lady"
8th Army Air Force
445th Bombardment Group, 700th Bomber Squadron
Tibenham, England - 1943
Daddy must have been around 18 or 19 years old in the picture.
January 8th is my Fathers birthday.

"No man dies until he is forgotten"
joan walsh anglund

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Jan M said...

A very sweet gift for your grandsons. They will always treasure it. You have also given me a great idea for gifts next year.
You must miss your daddy very much. I know I miss mine more with each passing day.

Julia said...

What a gift to be treasured by your grandsons.

Sewconsult said...

Very sweet idea. Just reading the title, I thought of my own dad who has now been gone almost 30 yrs. He was never "Dad", always "Daddy" to my sister and me. I am sorry that you don't have your dad to hug today. I truly do know how you feel.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN
(I hugged my 90 yr old mother about an hour ago. I needed it and thought she might, too.)

Val said...

Beautiful picture. Beautiful tribute.

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