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Sunday, May 15

My Girl In a Smocked Dress.

I just love a 12 year old who loves to wear home made smocked dresses!!
My Granddaughter is wearing a pretty White Dress, with tucks at the hem.  And tucks and lace on the bodice.  And smocking just below the waist.

Today was a special day.  She was confirmed at Church today. 

It was the sweetest sound hearing her publicly profess her faith in the God I love.

You can see the tucks a little better.  My photos of the dress are terrible (but she sure looks cute).  
Try to imagine lace insertion in the center of the tucks with lace edging sewn on either side of the insertion.  It made a pretty lace band.

We had a party afterward.
She wanted a picture of the cake with her name on it.

When I arrived at Church and saw her, I was so pleased to see her wearing this dress.  And it fit so well.

It was made for her older sister a few years ago.

Amber leaving for her Junior/Senior Prom.
Her sister is almost grown up now.

Later, Victoria asked me if I had a Verse.

I told her one that I really like is Philippians...and before I could finish she asked "is it Philippians 4:13"? 

She already had it bookmarked in her Bible.

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13

It was a very good day.

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Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Dear Jeannie,
This dress is a beautiful accessory to a lovely young lady. You are so fortunate to have such beautiful granddaughters who can wear the lovely clothes that Grandma makes.

Jan said...

Victoria is lovely in her special dress on a very special day! I am always amazed that you have grandchildren old enough for Confirmation, Prom and other activities! You not only inspire your sweet grandchildren, but also us, with your kind words, gentle and cheerful spirit.

dandelionavenue said...

It it is truly lovely and very age appropriate. As the mother of a 12-yr old, I know how hard that is. She looks beautiful. Congratulations on her confirmation. What a special event for you to witness.

dandelionavenue said...

She looks beautiful. As the mother of a 12-yr-old, I know how difficult it is to find age appropriate clothing. The dress turned out lovely. It sounds like she had a wonderful confirmation day. I know it blessed your heart to see it!

seamsgreat said...

Wow! I love Victoria's dress and the prom dress. They are both beautiful and the girls look gorgeous!

Miss Holly said...

Just beautiful!!!! I'm just about to start my first smocking!!! I can not believe you have grandchildren!!!you look like a young mom!!

Goosegirl said...

Jeannie, Victoria is beautiful! And her dress is so lovely. Congratulations to your beautiful girl.

Jeannie B. said...

Thank you very much. And my blog picture will be my forever picture. You will never really know what I look like in 5 years!!

The sewing room said...

Beautiful dress and beautiful girls,best wishes to your granddaughter on her special day and how nice for you to be able to share it with her.

Hugs Pat.

Kellie said...

I am sure she treasures an heirloom such as this!

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