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Saturday, July 16

My Favorite Colors in Anchor Floss.

Someone asked me to post my favorite Anchor Baby Colors.
These are some of my favorites
The Blue Featherstitchin is #120 and the Pink Rosebuds are #48 with either #1042 or #213 Green leaves.

The #1037 is a softer blue and the #271 is a softer pink.  Good for new baby clothes!

Here is my work table as I am packaging the floss.

I usually take the packs with me when I teach but had not gotten round to putting them on my blog.
This request was the incentive I needed.

For several different packs of my favorite floss go Here!

Reilly is really as unfriendly as he looks!  He's just old.
But he loves me.

A committee of one gets things done.
Joe Ryan

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Kellie said...

Cats always have to be right in the center of everything! Love the floss colors for babies!

Julia said...

Colors - God's beautiful gift!

Kathryn Milner said...

Gorgeous shades, you ever use DMC ?

Jeannie B. said...

I will occasionally use DMC but I began using Anchor years ago because the baby color shades are very slightly different (especially the greens) and I liked the Anchor best. DMC is a good floss too.

Georgette said...

Thank you so much for the information Jeannie! Reilly looks as though he's supervising your packaging :) Absolutely adorable kitty.

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