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Friday, August 5

Pieced Tote Bag and ...

These are fabrics pieced together by one of my Granddaughters.

Three Granddaughters came to visit for a few days.  Part of the fun was sewing. 
Picture of a scrappy Tote Bag on display in a Quilt shop in Wisconsin, where I was visiting family.  The inspiration for our project.

The Quilt shop was choc full of fun ideas and cute displays.  I purchased  Charm Packs of fabric which are squares of fabric cut into 5" pieces.  I thought it would be a cute sewing project for my girls.  And I loved the pre-cut fabric.

They went home today and this Tote was not quite finished (I now have homework to do).  I had such a great time with them.  We had Tea Parties,  we used different cute China pieces with each meal,  cooked, sewed, played, went  to Coffee Call for French Donuts, etc.  

And all of it was captured in digital pictures.  And all the  pictures somehow were deleted during the down load process.  I have NO idea how it happened.  I did throw my old disc away ..just in case.

There is a deeper lesson here and I am sure I will benefit from it once I know what it is.  But I'm too bummed out to figure it out right now.

Live life in real time! 
Maybe that is the lesson.

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Kellie said...

Oh I am so sorry about your lost pics... memories never fade!

Laurie said...

It is sad to have lost the pictures. I totally agree about living in the present. Our culture looses a lot of an event by trying to capture it.

Prissy said...

Sorry about the pictures ...... but the most important ones are the ones safely stored in your memories! Happy sewing!

tja said...

jeannie - you can recover the pictures if you can find the disc again - nothing is ever erased in computer world it can always be recovered by someone or a program. try this link which is free
or this one which explains better

hope these help and have a blessed day

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