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Wednesday, November 23

Something Beautiful and Useful!

This is the beautiful embroidery on the pocket my friend made for me!
What a wonderful gift.  Hand embroidery of course.

I love pockets. I can put my glasses in this pocket.

The embroidery is amazing!!  Very three dimensional!  

I love the berries. 

And best of all....the pocket is attached to my new Sewing Caddie!!

I have been admiring hers forever.  And she made me one.
What a sweet friend she is.

I put pretty things in it to try it out!

And you can fold it up and carry your project with you from room to room. 

 Then set it up and off you go!  Stitching, with everything you need handy.

It was a wonderful gift she gave me.

I love it!

This is my White Wednesday for this week with Faded Charm!

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Sewconsult said...

Is the caddy stand available retail or is it an antique? I would love to have one.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Kellie said...

That is the neatest thing I have seen in a long time!!!! The embrodery is amazing!

Alix said...

Stunning embroidery and such a useful sewing basket!

Patty H. said...

Juest Beautiful! Would love to know how to make those berries!

Jeannie B. said...

The stand isn't available anywhere. That is what makes it extra special. Yes it is stunning!

Martha said...

What a delightful gift! SO pretty and I love your caddy. I need something since little hands around here are getting curious.

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