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Wednesday, December 14

On Printing Patterns - It Isn't That Easy

OFB Baby's First Daygowns....Upcoming New Pattern.  View 2

It just isn't that easy folks!  Well, not for me anyway.  I have been working on my new patterns!!

Many unforeseen things have hindered my progress... but now I am back to it.

The designing and stitching is nothing but fun, fun, fun.  I love it.  But the actual getting the pattern ready for you to make, is another story.  I want my patterns  to be easy for you to follow the instructions and I want your little garments to look just like mine.

However, I have been proofing the instructions (and the pattern with it) for some time now.  Everytime I read the instructions I see something I want to say differently.  So I change it.  And proof it again.

 I was excited to be going over my FINAL proof when it spoke to me.  Complained to me,  actually!  It said..."you really need another illustration here to make it clearer".  I did not want to hear that.

Because... that means all my text needs to shift and be reduced to still fit the page.  But I did it.  Now, I have decided I need to MAKE the View 3 following my (I hope)  now FINAL instructions.

I want to have fun  making this little View 3 Daygown so I chose some very nice fabric and antique lace from my "keep for Jeannie" collection.

I put them all in my wonderful Sewing Caddie that my friend made me.

One thing that I didn't realize about it....I can drape the pressed  garment pieces over the handle and it will stay nice and crisp.  Wonderful!!

I will use these special buttons. Remember baby is to sleep on the back!
At one time, I had around 300 of these button cards. Imagine!  There is shiny foil over the cardboard.  Now they are all gone!

Back side of the Button card.
These wonderful buttons were from my button man.  He told me they were carded sometime in  the early 1900's.   He said he remembered his mother sitting at the kitchen table sewing buttons on cards.

OK, back to work!

"And the beat goes on..."  Sonny and Cher
(this song keeps going through my head)

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2011 Jeannie Baumeister


Sewconsult said...

Thanks for giving us peak into the development and printing a pattern.
It must be a odd feeling to know that the buttons are gone. When I know that my reserve supply (of whatever) is done to the end, I hate it!

Jeannie B. said...

Well, I am just like you. I hate that Those buttons are gone. It makes me very sad.

Jan M said...

This proves why your patterns are so easy for all of us to use! Enjoy stitching with those very special laces and buttons!

Angela Lee said...

Oh my, this looks adorable. I'm working on one of your patterns now. I have yet to finish it, and now I'm eager to get my hands on this one. Like I need one more thing to do. hahaha But I can't wait!


Terri Sue said...

can't wait to see view 3. now you have the song stuck in my head. lol.

Leeann said...

I bought a card from you years ago and just finished using them all. They felt like little treasures every time I took one off of the card. Good luck with the pattern. I have another granddaughter arriving in April, so I will be ordering a couple of your patterns after Christmas (if I don't receive them!).

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