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Monday, March 5

Daygown in the Morning Light

I finished this Daygown last night and   I  was excited to get pictures this morning!
The lighting was interesting but not great for Daygown picture taking.

It was very early morning.

This is my new  Daygown pattern - Baby's First Daygowns.
  I used a mint green Geiger Batiste (kinda like Fairy Fabric only a closer woven fabric, very yummy)

I have shown this little daygown several times in progress but I have been so slow about finishing it that I'm sure none of you will remember having seen me working on it.

A sweet little Rosebud for the sleeve.
The cuff sleeves are so quick to stitch. 

 I used an antique lace that I was saving for...what was I saving it for?  I was just saving it.   

Well, this is part of my Have More Fun resolution.  It is even more fun to sew on your treasured lace and fabric.  And, I want to use my good stuff myself, I have no intention of it ending up in a garage sale!!

I found a new lace that is similar to this old lace.  Very happy with it.
And this is my Sweetheart Rose.  Blooming from my Garden.
It has such a sweet smell, too.

I finally took the Daygown outside for more light and hung it on my front bench.

do you like it?

I have to step back and show you a view of the flowers growing around the bench.

It is Spring in Baton Rouge!

Flowers in pots on my front porch.

Happy Monday!

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Kellie said...

Sew sweet! Love your pots! Have a marvelous Monday!

Kellie said...

Sew Sweet! Love your bright pots... have a Marvelous Monday!

Kellie said...

Sew Sweet! Love your pots... have a Marvelous Monday!

Angela Lee said...

I love it Jeannie. One question. Do you use a twin needle and picktuck foot for your pintucks or do you do them manually?

Jeannie B. said...

I did these tucks by folding the fabric on the fold line and stitching double needle.

Angela Lee said...

Thanks Jeannie. I have an edge foot too, so I'll definitely give it a try too. One day when you have some time, do you think you could show us how to pull a thread when doing your tucks. The pattern says you can pull a thread or mark it.

Jeannie B. said...

Yes, Angela I would like to do that. I would also like some extra time!

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