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Wednesday, April 11

Memphis - More...

I saw this beautiful dress while teaching for  the Memphis Area Smocking Guild.

I told you in the last post that the ladies in the Memphis Guild were a "stitching bunch".  

Here you see Leslie stitching on a dress instead of taking breaks.
She did have a real need to stitching it up, though.  It was to be worn by a little girl the next day for an Easter Egg hunt!  Talk about pressure.

Women who sew know about pressure!

Of course there was a matching Easter Bonnet.

Leslie stitched lace under the fabric ruffle to give it body and help the ruffle stand out.

The set was beautiful!

I sure would have liked to have seen the little girl wearing this outfit!

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Kellie said...


Jan said...

I've never thought of using a contrasting entredeaux, but I will in the future. And yes I do know about being under pressure. One year I made 8 xmas dresses, all but one was smocked. no one asked me to make them, I did it to myself. I won't ever do this to myself again. That was definitely too stressful for me.

Grace said...

I had no idea that Leslie was sewing away back there. Her handwork is just simply gorgeous!

Teresa Baker

Janice said...

As Jan said, I, too, never thought about using contrasting entredeux. This must have been a spectacular outfit. I would love to have seen the entire dress. Will Leslie send you pictures?

Jeannie B. said...

Janice, I don't know that Leslie even has any pictures so I doubt that I will see the entire dress. Sorry! You can imagine that it was beautiful.

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