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Tuesday, April 17

Sew Beautiful Magazine - My White Daygown

This is my White Daygown that was featured in the Sew Beautiful Magazine - Baby Issue.

I made a kit for this Daygown using all the same materials that I used on mine.

It has a very sweet Lace Edging embellishing it.  
One of my favorites.  
And I love this fancy entredeux around the neck.

I trimmed the fabric from behind the lace and worked a machine Pin Stitch around the lace.

But the feature of this Daygown is the pleat in the back. 
 I finished it using a hand Pin Stitch.
That is what the Sew Beautiful article is about. 
 Instructions are in the magazine about how to do this. 

 This is what the Pin Stitched inverted pleat looks like on the inside of the Daygown.

Next post I will show you the green Daygown that is similar but I didn't cut the fabric from behind the lace.    I used the same technique on the back pleat.
I love Daygowns!

This is my White Wednesday!

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Miss Holly said...

Oh my gosh....Jeannie this is absolutely beautiful...I hope that someday I will add this type of heirloom sewing to my repertoire ...I know I would love it...I adore hand work....we have a 2week old little girl in our life so ...hmmmm I may have to start soon!


What a stunning little gown. I have one, not as nice as this one...I'd like to frame it someday. I'm pinning!

ShirleyC said...

It's just beautiful!

suziwong said...

i'm really looking forward to making the kit up when it arrives; i may have to order another kit for when the magazine is finally on the shelves in Australia (a month or so after USA release) so i can try the pleated back.

Angela Lee said...

I just received my copy yesterday and saw the gown. Love it! I love that the magazine showed how to do hand pinstitching. I can do it on my machine but have not tried it by hand. I love the white on white and the bullion on the base of the back pleat is so sweet.

Martha said...


dandelionavenue said...

This is so exquisite!! I love the vintage heirloom charm of it. Truly drool worthy.

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