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Thursday, April 26

Toddler Summer Dresses - Shadow Embroidery

This little dress was made by a Friend.
She used the Toddler Summer Dresses pattern and an embroidery design from Best Embroidered Baby Clothes 2.

This is the same dress, full view, but with the embroidery design that comes in the Dress pattern.

I like the way the yoke on this dress is perfect for stitching whatever design you heart desires!

Tucks and narrow Swiss trim at the hem.

So cute for summer!


Miss Holly said...

Oh ....this is the dearest dress..we have been blessed with a new little girl in our world and I think I will have to start thinking about some summer dresses...tiny ones!! She is just 3 weeks old!!!!!

Angela Lee said...

It's beautiful! Is that lace or embroidery where the yoke meets the skirt? It's hard to see on my computer.

audreypawdrey said...

I love this little dress! I am primarily a quilter, but I do make dresses for my daughter. I am just starting to learn how to smock, and I want to make more heirloom type garments. I love this little dress pattern and the tucks at the bottom. Does the pattern include instructions on how to do the tucks at the bottom or is there a tutorial for it somewhere online? This would be a cute dress for this summer for my two year old, but I just want to make sure that I could do it!

Sewconsult said...

Simple, but beautiful. I like the way that she used the trim on the bottom. I have something similar in my stash, so I will keep that in mind for a project.

Jeannie B. said...

Hi! The tuck guide is in the pattern and the trim where the skirt joins the yoke is Swiss Baby Beading.

Miss Holly, a tiny one means you have oodles of sewing you can do!

Val said...

This is precious! And I love what you said in your comment to me about the joy is the journey. Oh that is so true. Thank you for your encouragement.

Martha said...

I love this little pattern and have one ready to put together for Princess this summer. She wore the one from last summer quite a bit and is wearing it in the family portrait we had done. Cute!

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