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Friday, June 1

Antique Lace and a Baby Bonnet

Lace belonged to Beatrice Elizabeth, born in 1905
My Friend has her Grandmothers lace.   Passed along by her mother. 
It is a fabulous treasure.
And she loves to share it with her family in the form of Baby Gifts.

This lace is as fine and luscious as it looks in this picture.

It came to her rolled on a wooden spool.
This is the lace she choose for the Baby Bonnet she is making her niece who is expecting a baby.
This baby will be the Great Great Granddaughter of Beatrice Elizabeth.

The fabric is a pale pink and the lace is antique white.
She used an OFB baby bonnet pattern. With fabric ties.

The lace will form the Bonnet Brim.

Outfit is still in progress but Baby Shower is coming soon!
The Bonnet is part of an entire ensemble to be given at her nieces Baby Shower.
Slip, Bonnet, Daygown, Booties and an amazing quilt.

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2012 Jeannie Baumeister


Doni said...

What a beautiful gift ensemble! The delicate lace is just perfect on that bonnet, and I'm sure will be cherished for many more years. What a lovely use for those lace pieces!!

Kellie said...

What a treasure! That will make the gift priceless!

Jan said...

What an absolute treasure! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous Antique Lace!!!! Expert sewing must run in your family. Love everything you make sweet friend. When/if I ever have another little grandbaby I so want to get something from you....

The GARDEN SIGN will be on my website very soon. Hope to begin to upload things late tonight or in the morning!

Love to you~


Rebecca said...

Jeannie~ The Garden Sign you asked about is going on my website tomorrow in the morning some time. If you want the price just email me. OK?

Thank you girlfriend...xoRebecca

0s0-Pa said...

I just love babies dressed up in all white! Thanks for sharing.
-Jackie @ Baby ties

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