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Saturday, January 12

What I'm Doing.

I am working on a cute Baby Daygown for my class at Farmhouse Fabrics.
Fabric is Swiss Nelona, a pure pleasure to stitch! 

I'm reading a book by Grace Livingson Hill, copyright 1946.  The book is a Library discard that a friend loaned me.  It's very old fashioned and good always wins out in the end.  

On strength of character and something to think about:
"That fellow has what you call strength of will have to have at least as much strength of character as he has to win him and I don't believe you have, kitten.  Your plenty stubborn and set in your way, but that's not strength, that's usually founded in weakness, and selfishness, and this man hasn't a selfish hair in his whold make-up."

It has been cold and rainy here this past week.

Perfect weather for reading and stitching!

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Mim said...

Hello Jeannie, I always appreciate reading your blog posts but I haven't commented before tonight.
I wanted to thank you for sharing that little passage from the book you are reading. It challenges me.

Mrs. P said...

I love Grace Livingstone Hill! Today, I am preshrinking fabric from the kit I ordered. Everything is just lovely! Can't wait to see it all sewn up!

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