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Monday, May 20

A Wonderful Sewing Room (not mine!)

Love Suzette's seating area by the window for stitching.
With a chair for a friend!

A collector of Scissors - like I have never seen before!
Her lighting is perfect.  Plenty of it but not harsh.

She told me these are the best lights.  They are bright but don't put off alot of heat and fit into regular light bulb sockets.

I love this tea-stained look.
Lots of pretty cabinets to store all our necessary sewing stuff.  
And fabrics etc. are kept dust free.

You can only see half her filled closet here.
Suzette is a prolific sewer and her closet is filled with garments all labeled with the class they came from or the pattern she used.

Suzette is a great seamstress.  
She has taken many classes and then she finishes the project.  Not only does she have a completed garment but she has practiced honing the skills that she took the class for in the first place.

That is so important. You have to practice those skills to improve your stitching.

I like this little ceramic dish by her machine where she keeps handy the feet most used.
Her ironing system is close to her machines.

Cute places to keep scissors at the ready.

Pretty display area.

A bed for her pooch!!
Wouldn't my Brown Dog love to have a bed in my Sewing Room?

Suzette's Sewing Room is really attractive and nice to be in even if you didn't sew.  But her layout and planning make it very functional as a sewing room. 

Thanks for visiting!

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Sewconsult said...

What a great place for creating beautiful things. Spotted a few Vera Bradley bags on the top shelf, above the finished garments.

Cheryl M. said...

Wow! Such a gorgeous room! And that scissor drawer is intense! :)

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