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Saturday, June 8

Ten Thousand Stitches

This is a vintage set of Pillowcases and Dresser Scarf on my bed and nightstand.
I love them!!

In a recent conversation with a friend, she was telling me about a book she read.

I don't think it was ever even used!  They must have saved it for "special"!  
Lucky for me, I guess.

The book was about talented people, such a sports figures in the hall of fame....etc.

I love the pretty colors and how the Running Stitch was done in black.
And love the machine hemstitched edge with a crochet finish!

The idea that these people are just born to fame and expertise was challenged.

More than one strand of floss was used for the embroidery which makes it more durable for wash and important consideration for bed linens.

It was pointed out in the book that the superb baseball player, for instance, had batted or pitched 10,000 times to perfect his skill.  It wasn't done overnight.

It's always nice to look at the back side to see how someone else carries (or doesn't carry) the threads from stitch to stitch.

The point I am making this morning is:  Talent can influence how well or how easy your stitches will be but it still takes 10,000 stitches to perfect your technique!

The other lesson here is:
Use your "special" things yourself or someone you don't even know will be using them after you are gone. 

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Shannon said...

You are so right. I have a gorgeous crocheted bedspread that my grandmother made and I'm terrified to put it on my bed. I'm so afraid it will get snagged or stained. It's hidden away in a box in the top of my closet, but I can't enjoy its beauty or think of my grandmother making it when it's hidden away. I need to get it out and use it and enjoy it.

Saskia said...

It's so true, I've been going through my sewing things after a room rearrangement and I found my first smocking sampler from when I learnt 17 years ago. I was so pleased to find it because I can see how far I've come since those first awkward stitches and slightly crooked bullion roses. I'm sure I've sewn 10000 stitches or more since then. I love finding vintage embrioderys and those ones are especially pretty and photographed very nicely too.

Grandma Ellen said...

I remember that when my daughter was in second grade, I made her a quilted jacket for spring that went with a dress I'd made the previous fsll. She wore it out. If it wasn't on her back, it was because it was in the laundry. I still have the dress...but my heart feels glad that she so loved the jacket so much that she really wore it out. I bet our grandmas would be happy if we wire out their pillowcases, too.

Angela Richardson said...

The pleasure of stitching is the 'practise', it's a joy. with each stitch we hope to get better and better but it's a wonderful task.

Jeannie B. said...

I loved all your comments, thank you. And I am encouraged that you will get out your "special" stuff and use it!! oops, I think one comment got lost but don't know how that happened. Sorry!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Those are wise words, Jeannie. I need to remember both continue to practice to perfect techniques; and to use my treasures now, rather than hoard them for someone to use later.

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