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Wednesday, September 18

My Mothers Sewing Machine

My mother sewed on a Singer Featherweight machine.  She had it as long as I can remember.

Oh she bought a new one somewhere along the way but she didn't like it as much as her Featherweight.

After so many years....I am now ready to get it out and use it.  So today I took it to the Sewing Machine Man to clean it up for me.

Did you know they are raffling off a Featherweight Sewing Machine at the Saga National Convention!!??

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Tracy said...

I always thought that was Grandma Gray's machine. I sewed my first ever outfit on that machine as well as curtains. I laugh when I think of that first outfit I made for Elizabeth who was only about 6 or 9 months at the time. I didn't even know to turn under the raw edges when hemming!

Unknown said...

Jeannie, Did you know that the foot pedal slides into that little bracket on the inside of the top lid? It prevents it from shifting around inside the case and when you carry it. I forget which way the cord extends, but it is easy to figure out when you do it.

I have the same machine - Ebay - and it makes the prettiest straight stitch of any of my machines - clean and crisp.

Sewed with Miss Dot last week, and we spoke fondly of you and your dresses.

Hugs, Sally from Virginia

suziwong said...

What's not to love about Featherweights???? I have 3 221's and 1 222. i love them all although two of the 221's need a little love to be brought back up to scratch.
Lucky you having your mother's 221!!! If you're looking for 221 accessories don't forget April at

She and her husband are fabulous with all things Featherweight and even though they're halfway around the globe to me, they're a fabulous resource.

Looking forward to seeing your Featherweight sewing Jeannie :D

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