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Thursday, November 7

Shirleys Stitching Bag!

A few of the Stitching Bags made by my Mother In Law, Shirley.

She made one for each student in my Miss Bufords Bonnet class at the Saga Convention.

There are two loops at the top of the Bag.  One on each side. You slip the longer loop through the shorter loop to close the bag.

And it fits nicely over your wrist.  

It is just the right size to take when you travel.  I might have a larger project box in my suitcase but I need something small to carry my "active" stitching in.  It might be a sleeve that needs lace stitched to it or a Bonnet to Smock or my Quilt piecing. 

 I want it to easily fit on my lap in the car or plane.

Notice the Dovo Lace Scissors - Airplane safe!

She included a clasp to attach a Scissor. 
 I love this because it keeps them from falling and getting lost.  I can use them to snip while still attached.  

The inside is as cute as the outside!
There are two handy pockets to hold necessaries.

All ready to go with a Premie Bonnet to take along.

It was a nice treat for the students and very nice of Shirley to make them!!

I love mine.

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Tanya Rachelle said...

Very sweet! What a lovely MIL to make these for you and your students! Lovely idea for holiday gift giving too! Thanks for sharing the post.

kr said...

How nice of your mother-in-law! such cute and handy totes. I love everything about them...the pockets, the scissor holder, the handles, the size, and the lovely fabrics. It must've taken her quite awhile to make so many. Very sweet and thoughtful of her!

Jan M said...

A class with you is always a treat, but that sweet little bag is just the cherry on top! Such a thoughtful and generous gift from your MIL!

Mosaic Magpie said...

What a great supportive MIL you have! Nice looking bags!

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