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Please join me as I teach the old fashioned techniques and skills needed to sew baby clothes. You will find lessons that start at the very beginning and take you step by step as we sew little baby clothes together. May you find much joy and pleasure in making them.
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Wednesday, January 8

Baby's First Daygowns - View 3

This is the view with tucks.  You can use lace or embroidery between the two sets of tucks on either side of the center front.

This Daygown has off white  lace insertion between the Tuck Sets.

The tucks are stitched by machine.
The fabric is a very soft green.  I love the pink embroidery against the pale green.
This fabric is an old Geiger Batiste.  I have a Fairy Fabric that is almost the same color.

The lace edging is stitched along both sides of the front facing.  Ungathered.
Although the lace here is a narrow antique baby lace.  I have found some new lace that is very similar.
We often forget to use a narrow, dainty lace on baby clothes.  

But a lace that is too wide will overwhelm the Daygown.

The off white entredeux was attached using the old fashioned method, which I love.

The sleeves on this view are 3/4 length. Although you can use the long sleeve on this gown.  This sleeve is very quick and easy to make and has more of a tailored look.  The embroidered Rosebud is a sweet touch.

A picture of the full daygown.

The back of the Daygown has an inverted pleat that ends with an embroidered Rosebud.  I have pinstitched the pleat on this gown.  The instructions for doing this are in Sew Beautiful magazine - June 2012.

This is one of my favorite Daygowns.
Partly because I love tucks and I love the green fabric with pink embroidery.

1 yard fabric
2 3/8 yards narrow lace edging
3/8  yard of entredeux
5 Baby Buttons
1/3 yard narrow (3/8" )lace insertion for between Tuck Sets

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2013 Jeannie Baumeister

1 comment:

Jean said...

I have so enjoyed seeing all the daygowns lately and this one makes me want to sew one with tucks!!

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