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Friday, June 6

Ireland - Bunratty Castle

In the Folk Park at Bunratty there is a Thatched Cottage turned out like someone lived there.

I loved the Lace curtains in the window!

And happy to see an old Sewing machine in one of the windows. 

 Just where I would have  put it.

In this house the  table was set for tea. Perfect for me.

The real fun about Bunratty is Bunratty Castle.
This is my first ever Castle to go into.

I learned that stairs are narrow, uneven and always spiral to the right because it is impossible for the attacker to use his sword in the right hand and makes it easy to defend.

Who knew this?  
I bet you already knew this!  
My knowledge of Castles is from the movies where they appear large and spacious.
That is not the case in this Castle.  

I love Ireland because….
the history is everywhere.  And it's so old!!  And hasn't been destroyed and replaced.

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Jan M said...

Too bad that wasn't Scarlett's or Maria's window when their movies called for making clothes from curtains! What a charming little cottage. I think I had heard that about stairwells, but forgot. Interesting that not all castles are what we expect. Thanks for taking us along on the vacation!

ann said...

Good memories here for I have been to Bunratty in 2003. Isn't it wonderful? I hope you post more photos from Ireland.

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