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Sunday, June 8

Ireland - Rose of Tralee and Beehive Huts

We went to the town where they have the "Rose of Tralee" contest and festival.

And I walked all through a lovely garden where there were lots and lots of Roses just beginning to bloom.  A favorite place for me!  All smelled so sweet.  

And no black spot at all!

This is one of many Bee Hive Huts looking from the road to the hut.  I climbed inside one and  personally would not want to live there.
Then we traveled on to see some Bee  Huts. I had never heard of them but  apparently they  date to the 11 or 12 century so they are old, old, old! Really cool to see something that old.   The Irish people just leave them where they stand.  

We stopped at the property of an elderly lady named Mary who greeted us with a can and sign labeled 2E.  She is saving to go visit a son in NYC.  

This is the view from Marys house.  I liked Mary. 
She had a cute hat on that she knit and I wanted to ask her about sewing too.
I love where Mary lives.

This is Mary's window.  Notice the kittens on the Lace Curtains?  

She had several cats.

But I could not stay and talk to Mary as the tour bus was honking the horn.  One of the phrases my tour guide used alot was….
..on and gone.  

Here's a joke he told us.
"What is the difference between a Tourist and a Hitchhiker?"

Answer: "Two Minutes"
get it?  as in... on and gone

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