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Tuesday, September 9

Creative Needlework Market - Fun!

Welcome to "The Old Fashioned Baby" Booth at the Creative Needlework Market!

Wholesale - For the trade.  
Ask your shop keeper what they brought home!

It was held in Birmingham this past weekend.

I had all my goodies to sell, including vintage buttons.
I have so many buttons that are only available at market.

And I had special Market prices!

And garments displayed for inspiration.

This is the lacy version of my pattern Baby Rose.

I have a few pictures of other booths too.

Farmhouse Fabrics had a booth across from me so I got to see all the fun trims they brought with them to sell.

And the samples they brought to show the cute ways you can use them.

Seeing garment samples is one of the reasons you come to market.

It gives you ideas to bring home to your customers.

And the opportunity to purchase just the items you need to duplicate the samples.

One of my favorite booths is…of course... Capitol Imports.

Purveyor of fine lace and fabric.
Do I love lace?
You bet!

Capitol Imports always brings something to tempt me.

And at special prices not available for purchase any other way.

See more on my next post….

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