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Sunday, January 4

A Brand New Year

On the first day of the New Year…..

I spent the entire (well, almost) day in my pj's sitting by the fire and stitching.

It was pure bliss!!

I love the concept of a New Year

 I love a blank sheet of paper!  I love snow that has yet to be walked on (I lived in Newfoundland, I know about snow)!

And I love fabric, yet to be cut!

It is all about the possibilities.  Things I can do that I haven't done yet.  Things I can do again that I love to do.  And I love to have goals. Sometimes I like to work toward things with a purpose.  Sometimes my purpose is to sit in front of the fire and enjoy just being!  

Though I can't seem to just be without a needle in my hand.

I'm looking forward to sharing the new, uncharted, full of possibilities, New Year with you, my friends!

May the New Year bring you busy hands, fun sewing projects, peace and joy.

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Sherry Richardson said...

Happy New Year Jeannie and Strider and your family too!!! Can't wait to see what you make this year!

Martha said...

Happy New Year! Add a clean blank notebook at the beginning of a new school year. May 2015 be a blessed year for you.

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