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Monday, June 22

Paris Granddaughter Trip - Bike Touring

One of our favorite things to do in Paris was the  Bike Tours.

We love the Fat Tire Bike Tours!!

The first Bike Tour was the Night Bike Tour.  The tour ended with us off the bikes floating down the river Seine at night where we saw Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower all lit up.  

Victoria and me.
The Night Bike Tour began in daylight (it doesn't get dark in Paris until almost 10:00pm) and we saw  lots of fun things.  I can't say enough about how wonderful this was.   We liked our tour guide, Martin.  I thought he was a nice capable young man.  My 16 year old Granddaughters thought he was "hot"!

The second Bike Tour we did was the Bike Tour  to Versailles.  This was mostly country biking and the scenery was pretty.  It rained on us.  But we were prepared!

Cousins in Paris. 

My daughter brought her umbrella along and it came in handy too.

If you look closely at the umbrella you can see that it says "Lee Michael's".  She works for the best Jewelery Store in Louisiana….Lee Michael's in Metairie (New Orleans).  

(if you need jewelry in New Orleans….please go to Lee Michael's and ask for my daughter, Shawna)

My two sweet Granddaughters in the gardens of Versailles.
The rain was over in time for walking around the gardens of Versailles.
What a wonderful day.

There was also a great  Paris Day Tour not shown here.

Fun, Fun and more Fun!

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