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Friday, November 6

My Fantastic Sewing Trip - A Fabric Store in Brussels

This fabric store was enough to take your breath away.

It had the most amazing fabrics for making fine clothing.

You need to click on the pictures for the fabric details.

Fabric for just about anything.  

Mens shirting's (where you will find soft and fine fabric for Daygowns!) and women's Fancy Gowns.

Loved these - too big for my suitcase!

My girls would have swooned if I'd have had access to this fabric when I was sewing for their Homecomings, Proms etc.  in High School.

I am now determined to fit a skirt pattern for me! 
 Then I can buy some of this wonderful fabric for cute skirts.

(The thing that stops me is losing that 15 lbs before I want to fit a skirt for me!)

This one is stunning.

The outside of the Fabric shop.

It was a good walk from our hotel but lots of pretty things to see along the way.

Just ask the concierge at your hotel about fabric shops.  

It was a wonderful day!

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1 comment:

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

What a wonderful shop! I completely agree with you about the 15 lbs, but in my case it's a bit more. (:

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