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Wednesday, December 2

Museum of Costume and Lace cont..

The dress styles and fabrics were wonderful .

This post continues my visit to the Museum of Costume and Lace in Brussels, Belgium.

Part of my Fantastic Sewing Trip.

The waist looks tiny.  Partly due to the corset that cinches in the waist and partly due to the wide hip area that will give any waist a smaller look. 

The silk fabric is still vibrant, even after such a long time.

This hand painted fan is a work of art!  More to come in the next post...

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Andrea H. said...

I have so enjoyed viewing your pictures from this trip. Thanks for sharing your awesome adventure. This city wasn't on my "to visit" list, but I think it just got added!

racheld said...

Dropping in from Karen's Kangaroo, just because of your own blog's charming name, and I'm taken WAY back when our babies' clothes had the import of our own hometown seamstress's creations. Just the words "daygown" and "Layette" and "batiste" brought such a simple surge of long-ago joy to my morning, in the way that no number of "onesies" with cute sayings or kitties could kindle.

I have not a single sewing gene nor talent, but I'll be back and back, just for the dear sweet memories of those precious wee garments, made by loving hands, and treasured still in countless cedar chests and memory-boxes.

I'm so glad to meet you!

rachel @ LAWN TEA

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