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Thursday, January 7

Little Boy Daygown

Planning is the first step in making a little Boy Daygown. 
This will be a gift for a new baby boy who is arriving soon, and I'm excited to make it.  

I get my notebook out to plan it.

First, I write down which pattern I'm using.  This pattern has two sizes and I have chosen the Newborn size.  That gets written down too.  I list everything as I make my decision…but in pencil because I might change my mind. 

Two things I am sure of : Newborn size in my pattern Baby's First Daygown.  And I will use a blue fabric.  The Satin Batiste cotton that is pictured is the perfect color.

I draw my first idea and jot down different possibilities.  I am going to make View One with embroidery and long sleeves with a cuff.

I am auditioning Floss colors.  Blue with White accent or Blue with Yellow?

I love Blue and Yellow but I will probably use Blue and White for this First Daygown.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to edge the cuffs with Swiss Edging.  I want this Daygown to have a basic baby look, without any fuss.  But adorable too!

First thing:

Pretreat the fabric and cut it out.

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