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Monday, January 4

Miah's Quilt: Finished Jan. 3, 2016

I stitched the label on this morning….by the fire.

I used one strand of Floche for the embroidery because it is slightly thicker than floss.  I had to use short lengths of thread as they had a tendency to shred as I stitched.  No problem if I kept the length about 14-16".

This is the quilt done. Completely Done.

We used soft prints mostly with a few solids that came with the Fat Quarter Bundle.  They looked quite soft when we were piecing the top.

But when you stand back to look at the quilt, they stick out more.  (Quilters call this popping out - they seem to think it is a good thing)

I am learning more and more about how fabric looks when you piece it together.  I am so used to the delicate shades of cloth that I use for baby clothes that I am constantly surprised when using  colors.

Miah's quilt is very pretty and the quilting design she chose really shows up on the pale fabric.

I can't wait to give it to her.  She worked long and hard on it.

Job well done, Miah!

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vincie said...

The quilt is just beautiful! I love the soft colors. What a fun thing to do with Grandma. It's a real treasure. You are such a great Grandma!

Eileen said...

Beautiful!! What great memories you will both have from this.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

What an absolutely lovely quilt, I'm sure Miah will treasure it all her life. Quilt labels are so important, I wish I labeled all mine. This is a good resolution for 2016 and all the years to come: label all quilts.

Jeannie B. said...

Cynthia, Embroidering the label is so fun for me. I love the embroidery and feel more at home with the label than the quilt. Quilting has been a wonderful way to spend time sewing with my Granddaughters. I love sewing and I love fabric and I love it all!!

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