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Saturday, January 30

The Cutest Thing Ever!!

This little Smocked Bubble was worn by my friends Granddaughter.

It was purchased.  Smocked probably in the Orient. 
(I want you to know that no lovingly smocked garments were sacrificed for this blog post!)

But very Cute.

I love,love,love this quilt!

My friend collected several outfits her Granddaughter had worn.  And made this Memory Quilt.  I had never heard of such a thing, but Sienna tells me it is quite popular with the young Mom's today.

Her daughter in law gave her many outfits and let her choose which ones to include.

Fun for me to guess what they were….gingham bubble maybe?
Love the Silk Ribbon embroidery on this block.

This block is very interesting. 

 I love the way she used different parts of this outfit in one block.  Do you see the puffed sleeve on the left?

Sienna monogramed Sarah's name here. 

I love the look of this machine embroidered monogram.  
One of the cutest I've seen!

It is such a personal reminder for Sarah about how special she is.

White on White is always going to please me.
Kind of heirloomy.  

Baby Gap on the label!!

This might be my favorite.  The Bonnet stitched in 3 dimensional form above the little outfit that it matches.

Notice the I'm The Big Sister T-Shirt?
Sienna, holding up part of this cute, cute quilt she made.

Although I would never cut up a special outfit made for my child, I think this is a wonderful way to use all the cute baby clothes your little one wore, including play clothes you made.   Anything that is not going to be passed along and is often relegated to a box in the attic or  given randomly away are good choices.  

It would be fun to include  blocks made using left over fabric scraps from the garments you made your little one.  And such a special memory for Mom.  Also I can just picture the Toddler or Young child loving her very own Special Quilt. 

Thankyou Sienna for sharing this with us!

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1 comment:

JoAnne Garland said...

So much love is shown in this precious work of art. Blessings to Sienna and her granddaughter, Sarah.

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