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Monday, February 8

My February Stitching Week - Day 5 (Tips)

I love the back of this pattern.  Love the tucks.

I worked on my Dress for my class at Farmhouse Fabrics next month.

I stitched the Buttonholes in the Dress Back.

I have marked where I want to embroider a flower on the back of my baby dress.

These are the buttons I've chosen for this dress.  I have buttons "kept back" for special and I like to use them in my kits.

Tip: It is important to stitch the Buttonholes before you complete any type of neck finish.  This is because once the neck is finished, the fabric will not feed as well on your machine.  The neck binding or neck entredeux are bulky while your fabric where the buttonholes will be is flat.  This affects the top Button Hole on your dress or daygown.  The result is the sewing machine refusing to feed at the same rate it did on the flat fabric and can even stop feeding while your thread stitches over and over in the same place. 

* And always use an appropriate stabilizer under the Buttonhole.  For fine fabrics I usually use a plain white tissue like the kind you wrap gifts in.  This also helps the fabric to feed evenly.

*Always do a sample Buttonhole in the garment fabric to test size and tension.

* If you do not have a Baby Size Buttonhole setting on your machine, narrow the stitch width just slightly to make your Buttonhole more delicate than what you would use on an adult garment.

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1 comment:

Lindsay said...

What a great idea ! Buttonholes first ! Thanks Jeannie !

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