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Thursday, August 18

My Quilting Journal

See all the squares to my quilt.  Slow Sewing - doing them by hand.
I love them. They are so soft and delicate.  Perfect!

I use a composition notebook to keep track of what I am doing and how I do it.
How else would I know?

These are the notes for the quilt I am hand stitching for me.  Click on picture to enlarge and you can see the photograph on the left page that inspired me.  I wanted a soft airy, already old and faded look.

Really, I won't know if it fits what I am picturing in my mind until its done.

This is from the Shoo Fly quilt I finished for my son.  I have my notes from the beginning, which is what I pictured in my minds eye.  And the changes along the way.  And even the finished product on the next page.

And my Brown Dog follows me everywhere.

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Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Oh my goodness you are soooo organized. I bought a quilt journal a decade or so ago but I don't think I've ever filled it in.

Jeannie B. said...

Hi Cynthia, Oh dear, not so organized. This journal is more like a workbook I write what I need to do as I make the quilt and what size I am cutting the pieces. Because I take so long to finish them, I need the information written down or I would forget what I am doing! It's not so much like a Quilt Baby Book where I go back after and write down the good stuff.

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