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Tuesday, November 1

Wash Day for Linens

Hanging out some freshly washed vintage napkins.
In the sunshine.

Laundry Soap. 

Yes, soap!  Hard to find in my neck of the woods.  Found in Walmart, of all places. Plenty of detergent available, but I like soap better.  It suds and cleans cottons so well.

I bought 5 boxes.  
Just in cases it disappears as mysteriously as it appeared.

These old linen napkins are new to me.
A thrift store find and I love them.

Don't they iron up crisply?

I love the hand embroidery stitched in blue thread.

You'll see them again when I have a friend for tea.

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Cynthia Gilbreth said...

That's nice that you can use soap, when I lived in Southern California the water was so hard that I couldn't use it at all. It would get scummy and never rains properly. I'll have to try to find some here in Colorado. The napkins are beautiful, I love vintage linens.

TerriSue said...

I can't believe you found soap flakes. I am going to send my husband out to our Wal-Mart to see if they have them. He doesn't believe in stocking up but I may be able to get him to buy three boxes if they have them. The napkins are so sweet. They should go well in your blue house.

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