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Tuesday, July 10

Featherweight Sewing Love - Lizzie's Legacy

My Friend came to stay a couple of days with me to work on our Lizzie's Legacy Quilt.

She brought her Featherweight Sewing Machine.

I have 21 blocks stitched in many different pink prints.

We have only stitched on our quilts when we have been together.  We began our quilts in Feb, 2017. She lives four hours away so we haven't been able to stitch together as much as we'd like.

My Friends blocks are  looking like a Quilt!!

My Friend finished all 30 of the blocks she needed for her quilt.  And she already had the plain blocks cut out and ready to stitch.  Before she left, her blocks were stitched together in strips and some strips were together too.

 As she left my house she said "I hope I don't have to wait until we get together again to finish this!"  Ha Ha.     She is so close to finishing, she will have it complete in no time.

In this close up you can see that the plain blocks are made of a small print.  It's the same background fabric as mine, except mine is pink. 

This quilt is on page 38 of  Betsy Chutchian's book Lizzie's Legacy.  The book  has quotes from Lizzie's journal which gives you a glimpse into her Pioneer life. 

"This morning I quilted some - in the evening I and Martha picked geese - Martha White came down this evening and I sewed a little for her on the machine - she in turn helped us pick geese."  from Lizzie's journal on February 7, 1876

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