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Tuesday, March 23

White Wednesday -Sweet Daygown for SAGA Class

The pattern is OFB "Sweet & Simple Daygown Collection".  The design is a variation of the pattern that I created for my class..
This is such a sweet little daygown for a baby!

!!Happy Daisies!!
I am teaching a class for SAGA National Convention in October.  And this Daygown (plus a matching bonnet) will be my class project.
Beautiful Bullion Rosebuds and Featherstitching.  Even a Bullion Rosebud in the button!
Sleeve accented with a Rosebud.

My signature Rose on the back of the Daygown.  
My babies were always hiding their shy little faces against me when people talked to them.   All  people saw was their give them something pretty to see!

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ShirleyC said...

That is so sweet. I miss those sweet baby daygowns.

Martha said...

Too pretty!!!!! I love the sweet little rosebud on the back too. Adorable. I can't decide which classes I want to take. I need to decide.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful day gown! I too, love the rosebud on the back. :)

Jan said...

Tha back as pretty as the front! Knowing you and your sewing skills, the inside of that little gown is just as pretty, too! It all just makes me smile!

Robin Hart said...

I guess I need to finish the one from last year before I get to convention if I take this class... :) I have 3 UFOs from your classes.

Mary Beth @ Live. Laugh. Make Something said...

deliciously beautiful! This is just sweet as can be!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Those are the sweetest little rosebuds!

FIONA said...

How beautiful. You are soooo talented.

I love the wee roses.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

June said...

Such a darling little gown. It is gorgeous. I have been going back and looking at some of your beautiful creations and I am in awe. This is the perfect WW post.

Sherry Richardson said...

How beautiful!!! So sweet and elegant.


Jeannie B. said...

Robin, You will come close to finishing this project in the two day class!!

larseymour said...

This is my pick for the convention and I can hardly wait to get there. It will be my first time to get to go to convention. See you soon!

larseymour said...

This is my first choice for convention. My first time and really looking forward to it. Love your work.

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