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Friday, May 7

Fun Time At The Zoo!

Notice the kids are carrying umbrellas!
Last Saturday I had a Zoo trip planned.  The sky was dark and rain was predicted but we threw caution to the wind and went anyway!!  (Miah and Andrew went with me).

First stop were the Lions and Tigers.
After the tigers we found the eating pavilion to have lunch. We brought a  pic-nic with us and purchased treats for desert.  We saw many more animals on the way.

Friendly zoo animal!

Petting Zoo.

New Otter Exhibit.
After hours at the zoo, we still had not seen the Otters.  So we trekked to the other side of the Zoo, passing the elephants on the way.  Only 30 minutes to see the otters and be back in time for the Elephant show!  

Kids running to be on time for the Elephant show.  And we just made it.  I did not run.

Amazingly large.
The elephants were very entertaining.
We saw a ton of other animals but hard to believe we did not see all the animals in the zoo.

We ended it with the Train ride , which is always my favorite part.
We stayed for 5 hours.  Whew!!  But came home to the best BBQ ribs I ever tasted, thank to my youngest son.

You can see that I continue to meet my New Years Resolution.

Have More Fun!!


angie.a said...

I love the zoo!! My girl & I have "Saturday Adventures". She's 12, almost 13, so I'm hoping that we can continue throughout her teenage years, but just in case....I treasure them all now.

Robin Hart said...

Jeannie that looks like so much fun. I am sure it will be a memory the kids will have forever as well.

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