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Monday, July 26

In The Company of Cheerful Sewing Ladies!

I was with my Sew Sew group last week!
Lorraine was at our Retreat and she is working on the sleeve of the Retreat dress. 
 She wants to get it done soon so her Granddaughter can wear it. 
Her work is lovely!
Beautiful Smocking and Bullion Roses!
One of the ladies was smocking.  She was going to use the off white netting to embellish this gown.
Carole was crocheting an edge around a Baby blanket.  
She is  my friend who will help me post about how to crochet the edge of the blankets.
I was finishing the hem guessed it, a Daygown!

Our hostess made us a fabulous lunch. 

This is her little dog wearing a lovely lace bonnet.  
Her little dog only wore the bonnet for the picture!  But you can tell she loves her little dog. 
 It was a lovely lace bonnet that she made!

Invite a friend over to sew!!  
It is sew much fun!!!

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Sally said...

The dog in the bonnet - beyond cute!!!! I may have to do a photo op for my 2 adorable Persian cats!

Looking forward to the crochet edging lesson...don't know too much about crochet, but LOVE the way it makes the edging so delicate.

The pulled work in the sample is exquisite.

Your blog makes me SMILE, Jeannie!


Sherry Richardson said...

Gowns are beautiful and can't wait for the blanket class. LOVE THE DOG IN THE BONNET. Babies and dogs --have my heart

Auntie Pam said...

It is all just lovely. Would Carole be willing to share that pattern for her edging? I learned how to finally do crocheting around a baby flannel blanket by doing hand blanket stitch (after I serger rolled hemed it)from another blog with pic & instructions. The did it on edge of pillowcase. The crochet pattern I have is only a scallop and that doesn't work for a boy and I need to do one for my new great nephew due in Nov up in Reno, NV. This one looks a little more neutral.
Cann't wait for your instructions or Caroles.
Auntie Pam
P.S. Love the poodle and the lace bonnet.

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