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Friday, October 8

Silk Broadcloth

See, Babies are well and smiling in Old Fashioned Baby clothes!
Baby Annie is wearing  a Baby's Smocked Layette dress made from Silk Broadcloth.
I posted the same little dress made from Dotted Swiss a couple of days ago.

The Baby's Smocked Layette pattern was inspired by a Vintage Baby Gown.  And I worked hard to get that same vintage look in my design.  But it's pleater compatible!

Beautiful, huh?
The Silk Broadcloth fabric has a nice body but it drapes just like silk (well, it is silk).
The manufacturer says to dry clean but I hand wash it and hang  to dry or stick in the dryer on low heat to dry. 

 Funny thing, if you dry it in the dryer it is very flimsy.  If you line dry it, it is very stiff and has body.  Best is to line dry it until almost dry and then stitck in the dryer before you sew it.  Sews up very easily, unlike china silk!

I am curious how many of you have used silk when sewing  for baby's or children?

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Jean said...

Wow, that fabric looks yummy! Nope, I've never sewn with silk for a child--or much at all. But the look of that fabric is tempting me!

RebeccaM said...

I used silk dupioni for a flower girl dress for an almost three year old. I've never sewn silk batiste before.

Grace said...

Jeannie...I used a man's silk shirt to make a baby dress for my sister's littlest one. I LOVED the feel of the silk and washed it so that I knew what would happen. All went well, EXCEPT that it was very "biasy" did not want to be still while I was sewing or cutting or pinning. I was very frustrated with that aspect of the silk sewing. Other than that, I enjoyed working with it.

Handcrafts by Heather said...

I used silk broadcloth when I created this christening gown for a client (combining one of your patterns and an overskirt). The fabric had strength, sheen and drape. loved it.
Here is a link to several pictures:

wendy said...

I've used silk with good results. I just made a baby quilt with silk on one side and flannel on the other...yum!
I take my wet washed silk item and iron it dry...I read somewhere to do it that way. It comes out great. (I

Jan said...

Most of the people I've given gifts to are not a group to like to hand-wash anything, so I tend to stick with mostly cotton items. Course, they don't like to iron either, but they do iron my gifts. I'm very close to deciding on using that silk broadcloth.
I did pleat up a piece of dupioni for a friend to smock. But it bubbled up and looked horrible. But that was before I read to use interfacing on the back. Live and learn.

Jeannie B. said...

Thank you for your silk comments, I enjoyed reading them. I also have had problems with the dupioni bubbling when pleating but I am not a talented pleater person. I've not tried using interfacing on the back though. I find the silk broadcloth is pretty easy to work with compared to all other silks I have used.

Doni said...

I just want to say how absolutely ADORABLE Annie girl is! Those toes curling up, chubby arms, lovely smile...what a charmer!!
Beautiful work on the dress too...just gorgeous!
Blessings, Doni

Sondra said...

What is the best way to wash silk dupioni? Can you just spray starch and iron it?

Jeannie B. said...

Sondra, I usually wet and dry the silk before I make the dress and then hand wash it after but I would tell you that most manufacturers of silks will tell you to dry clean so I would not feel confident to tell you otherwise. I never use spray starch on silk.

Erin Rankin said...

I am having a hard time finding silk broadcloth. Any suggestions for good places?

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