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Tuesday, November 9

OOPS!! How To Fix a Buttonhole.

Machine Stitched Buttonhole.
Ignore the thread hanging down - it's part of the fix!
Rats!!  I cut through the thread on the left side of my buttonhole while cutting it open.

But...not to worry, it can easily be repaired!

Take a fine needle and one strand of DMC #50 thread (or what ever thread you used for the Machine Buttonhole in the first place) and tie onto the buttonhole  on the wrong side. 

Work the "Hand Made" Buttonhole  over the existing Machine buttonhole, working on the front of the damaged buttonhole.  I will stitch the entire side of the buttonhole beginning at the bottom and stitching to the top. Then, I will tie off on the wrong side.  I will not re-stitch the bar tacks at either side.  This will hold it just fine. 

 If the different stitching on one side bothers you, stitch the other side, but not the bartacks (unless that is the part you cut).  But you don't need to stitch all the buttonholes.  The difference will not be noticeable. 
 You do need them to be sturdy, though!

For hand made buttonholes go to this Lesson.
They are  very easy to make when you are just working over an existing Buttonhole!

The Difference
Do you know the difference between a good seamstress and a mediocre one?
A good seamstress just keeps on going through the rough spots, even if it's not perfect.  Learning in the process.

A mediocre one says  "I just can't do it"!
And finds something else to do.
little words of wisdom from Jeannie B.

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Robin Hart said...

Back when I made everything that my kids wore.. I made this same error. I was more at one with my sewing machine and actually used it to zig zag over the cut spot. Do not recommend it as it can be impossible to remove if you make a mistake. I will file your solution away and hope my brain remembers where I stored it if needed!

Elaine said...

It's nice to know that I'm a good seamstress. Things don't always come out perfect, but I do keep plugging away.

Grandma Ellen said...

Thank you for such a helpful post! I will remember it as I attempt buttonholes on silk charmeuse.

Jan M said...

Great fix and wise words! Thank you!

Piper said...

Yeah! that means my imperfections are part of the process of what makes me a good seamstress! Great wise words!

Mona @ la la by mona said...

What timing! I just had this problem yesterday on a knit dress. Ugh! The first two were perfect then the machine decided to chew up the third buttonhole - three times! So, out came the needle and thread. And, thanks for confirming that I'm not a mediocre seamstress!!! Have a great week!

Jeannie B. said...

Nice to hear from you ladies!!

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