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Monday, November 8

Sewing Pests..err Pets?

Levi likes to perch in the sun on the back of the couch.

I can't leave my cats alone in the sewing room!

Riley mostly wants to sit on me or right by me which makes it very hard to work.
Here Riley is sitting on the papers I am trying to sort out.

Levi likes to tear paper apart and Riley loves to chew up the paper.  They are especially fond of the type that I use when I am designing.  You can imagine the damage that can be done when  the paper they are destroying is my only copy of a new design!

Strider.  Up close and personal.  In your face.
This is so NOT a good Sewing Pet.  He will chew anything he can get in his mouth.  If he gets the chance, he will grab your sewing notion, ruler, thread, project......many etc.'s and run with it.  He thinks it's pretty fun.

This is Peety.  He is a hand me down bird but I love him just the same.
I recommend a Sewing Bird!  
They are cheerful and love to chatter to the sound of the sewing machine.  They are in a cage so damage control is easy.

I have always loved Parakeets. 
I think I am three or four years old in this picture of me with my Grandmothers Parakeet on my finger.

Do you have a Sewing Pet?
Do you have a Sewing Pet story?  I want to hear it!

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love those cats in the midst of everything! I don't think it's any accident that they sit right on your project or the very next thing that you will need to use. They look and seem to be just oblivious, but I think they know exactly what they are doing. Mine wants to sit ON my laptop keyboard when I have it in my lap. I'm certain she knows that I'd have to stop typing on it and then (she thinks) I will pet her.

Sherry Richardson said...

You know my sewing pet ---Lily ---she is the best. She is a 4 year old english lab and will lay by my feet all day. When she is board with me she will bring me her ball and I have to toss the ball. Would not trade her for the world. Strider will soon grow out of the puppy stage.

MissGinger said...

when i knit my kitten goes for the wool - drives me mad as it ruins it! but she is very sweet...

Kathy B. said...

We have two Siamese cats now who love to "help" me sew. My late 20-year old Siamese Abbey used to lie on top of the sewing machine table and purr to the vibration of the sewing machine, never happier. What is it with cats thinking they have to be in on everything one is trying to do? Whether it's making the bed, embroidering by hand, sewing on the machine, using the computer, getting clothes out of the dryer, trying to pack a suitcase, or fold a load of towels, my cats have always been in my way! (It would be awfully lonely without them!) Just think how fast I could get things done without their "assistance!"

kathy.bruner at hotmail dot com

Stacey said...

My dog Kelly a 13 year old English Shephard likes to lay right in front of my ironing board. I have to stradle her everytime I press a seam. My other dog Bama (a black lab) wants to get under my table and presses the presser foot. I do enjoy the company though.

Laurie said...

Love your pet stories and I'm in total L-O-V-E with Strider - every pic I see posted of him melts my heart!
My cat is a menace in my sewing room - she loves getting into my thread or pouncing on tissue pattern pieces! My dog is a pretty good companion in my sewing room - all she does is sleep and occasionally snore in there!

Jan said...

My cat doesn't really bother my, just sits at my feet when at the sewing machine and she HATES it when I run the serger. I guess it's too loud for her. A friend of mine has to hid her pin cushion in a drawer because the two cats will eat the pins otherwise, scary! They also think that plastic bags and pattern pieces are their personal playground.

janie said...

I have Reilly's twin with me here in Kentucky! Seriously! His name is Cowboy and he looks JUST LIKE YOUR CAT!!

Prissy said...

I just blogged about my sewing 'friends'. My cat sits in a basket behind my sewing machine and watches me sew. Makes me nervous though. You know how cats like to run that paw out and 'grab' at something? Well, I'm scared to death that he will reach out and 'grab' my sewing machine needle when it's moving up and down. I have to find another spot for his basket before this happens!

Jeannie B. said...

Thank you for your pet stories. It is somehow comforting to know that other peoples cats act just like mine!! And that Riley has a twin named Cowboy!

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