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Tuesday, November 16

Sew Sew's Get Together.

I have never smocked using ribbon.  I see she is smocking over the ribbon so she won't have to go back and thread it in.  Clever!!
One of my Friends was working on Christmas Bishops.  The little dress in front is for an American Girl doll.  The other is the matching Bishop for the little girl.

This little girl is going to love the matching doll dress!

Another Friend was smocking a Bishop too.  I love the way the floss color is shaded from pale at the neck to darker as she works her way down.  And her color choices are always muted and lovely.

We are very well fed at our Sew Sew's!!  This Gumbo would rival anything you could get in New Orleans!!  Mmmm, it was fantastic.

And this Hostess always has decorations to go with the season.
Desert was amazing.  Baked Custard with a sauce.  I am ashamed to tell you that I didn't even think about taking a picture until I was completely finished and sighing with pleasure!

Find a Friend to sew with, it's so much fun!!
(especially if they feed you)

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Julia said...

Beautiful smocking. I love to smock with ribbon. The dress that I made for our youngest grand this year for Christmas is red gingham, smocked with red thread and has green ribbon woven in. My daughter can take it out after Christmas so her little one can keep on wearing it at least through Valentine's Day.

I always get great ideas from your blog.

Jeannie B. said...

The Christmas dress you made from red gingham sounds cute! And what a good idea to be able to use it for Valentines Day! Clever.

Michelle said...

Miss B.
Could you ask your friend what are the color numbers in that color graduating bishop? I just Love the look!!!

Anonymous said...

I just had to stop by and get my fix of pretty things. The blue daygown is absolutely lovely and I like your changes.

But now I'm craving good food and pralines. :)

Rettabug said...

Such gorgeous items...I'm drooling over the sewing AND the gumbo!

Laughing, too over the "Boooyawns" comment. You spelled it perfectly! LOL

I think I need to make Ms. C's AG doll a smocked bishop. I did do one set of smocked nightgowns for the doll & Ms. C. but she has outgrown it now. :*(

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