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Wednesday, November 17

White Wednesday - Exquisite Embroidery

Picture taken in the early morning sun.
Click on the Photographs for a close up.

These are two Bonnet Brims that are beautifully embellished.  They were passed along to me.  And I am grateful for them.  They are wonderful examples of workmanship that you don't see very often anymore!

They were made for Mrs Buford Dextor in Warsaw North Carolina who was born in 1902.  She doesn't remember if it was her Mother or her Grandmother who made them for her.  She wanted to give them to someone who would appreciate and use them.  And a Smocking Guild friend passed them on to me.  

This is the brim of one of the bonnets. 
 Notice the two rows of openwork stitches. I thought they were a tiny hemstitch but now I am not sure.  They might be the Pinstitch.   
I plan to make a pattern using the bonnet style.

A close up of the embroidery shows how perfectly the Padded Satin stitch is worked.  I want you to click on this picture to get an up-close look.  The  Satin stitched leaves seem to just sit ontop of the fabric rather than being stitched into it.  These stitches are beautiful and those of you who have worked this stitch know how difficult it can be to make them like this. And I love the tiny eyelets!

The is the second bonnet brim.  The bonnet is the same, with the same wonderful openwork.  But the embroidery design is different.

How many of you have ever embroidered using the Padded Satin Stitch?

I am going to develop a class using the designs and teach the embroidery stitches featured here.  We can reproduce this bonnet in my class. Perhaps I will get it ready to submit to SAGA this summer.  

I also have three little dresses that belonged to Mrs Buford Dextor.  They have  lovely techniques as well.  You will see them in later posts!!

Thankyou Mary M. for finding me worthy of these little garments. And thank you Mrs Buford Dextor for allowing me the wonderful use of them.  

This is my White Wednesday post for this week.   Join me and Faded Charm for other sweet white blogs!

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2010 Jeannie Baumeister


Faded Charm said...

So beautiful and I'm it's nice to see they were put into the hands of someone who will truly cherish them. So glad you enjoy WW.

Hope you are having a wonderful week so far.

Take care,


Jan M said...

Seeing such sweet and lovingly cared for items makes my heart go pitter patter. Knowing you, your heart must be racing when you look at them! They are definitely in a place where they will continue to be loved. Thank you for sharing.

Robin Hart said...

Gorgeous work! I have done padded satin stitch it is not my favorite but I do love trailing. The bonnet would be a great class to take!

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to your blog via Faded Charm but I will be returning. Those vintage pieces that were passed onto you are exquisite. The workmanship and time that went into them. My Grammy taught me how to embroider (NOT counted cross stitch) when I was a young girl. She has since passed away but I treasure the memories and the pieces she created. I know all the stitches and have a book from the 1800s that shows them all.


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