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Wednesday, December 29

White Wednesday - Antique Apron

Bib of an antique Apron.

Wrong side.  A very nice roll and whip.

What was I thinking when I took these pictures??  I didn't get a picture of the entire apron before I sent it off to my Sister in Law.  She makes Aprons.

The ruffle at the hem. (look at the above picture and try to imagine it)

Notice all the tiny little Release Tucks!  This is a beautiful Apron!!

Close up of the lace at the hem.
This would make a lovely ruffle at the bottom of a little girls dress or a baby's Christening Gown!
I didn't think to take any measurements but  my guess is that it is 5" or 6" wide.

A treat for you!
This is a page from one of the vintage magazines that were given to me.

If you click to might be able to read it.  It is about making the apron.

This apron was made from "frills and fluffs" according to the article and was to be worn over a fancy dress when serving refreshments!

This is my White Wednesday, where I show you pretty white things!  Join Faded Charm for more.

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Cynthia Gilbreth said...

What a beautiful apron. I just love old linens, but I wouldn't wear it for serving refreshments. I'm just too messy!

Deanne said...

What a beautiful apron, I love how the lace is inserted.

Anonymous said...

Can't image wearing anything so beautiful and precious for protecting your clothing. Gorgeous!

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